How to Make a Bunny Out of Paper

A bunny is an adorable animal that kids love. If you’re looking for a fun craft that will keep your kids busy this Easter, try making this simple paper bunny. It’s easy enough for preschoolers to make and a great way to encourage them to use their imaginations!

How to Make an Origami Bunny: Steps 1.

The first thing you need to do is fold a sheet of paper into a triangle. This will give your bunny its floppy ears and tail. It will also help the paper stand up!

To fold the paper into a triangle, start by folding one corner down and over to the other. This is called a crease and it’s very important that you crease the paper properly. Once you’ve creased the paper, flip it over and repeat.

Once you have a triangle, you need to add some details to the bunny. This can be done with pom poms, googly eyes or even chenille stems!

Using a pom pom for the nose is really easy to do. Simply glue a small pom pom to the top of the cardboard tube and then attach 2 wiggly eyes. You can also draw some whiskers to the bunny with a black marker.

To add some detail to the head, you can cut out 2 smaller bunny ear shapes from pink paper. Then, glue these bunny ear shapes to the top of the white ear shape. You can also use a pink sharpie to color in the bunny’s ears, feet and face.

Once your bunny is finished, you can put it in a basket for display or hang it from the ceiling for decoration. You can also make this bunny a gift bag by adding some tissue paper and a ribbon!

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Bunny: Steps 2.

This is another great idea for Easter crafts. It’s easy to do with a group of kids, and you can easily reuse the toilet paper rolls afterward for other projects!

How to Make a Paper Plate Bunny: Steps 4.

This fun paper plate bunny is easy for younger kids to make, although they might need some help with the drawing and cutting out. It’s a low mess craft and a good choice for a rainy day activity, too!

How to Make a Rocking Paper Plate Bunny: Steps 5.

This is a super cute paper plate rabbit that you can make with your kids. It’s a fun springtime craft that can be used as a table decoration or for pretend play!

How to Make a Cardboard Bunny: Steps 3.

To make this paper bunny, you need some construction paper and a recycled toilet paper or craft roll. You can also use a paper plate for the bunny’s face. You can also add a small pom pom for the nose and a large pom pom for the bunny’s tail.

To make this paper rabbit, you need a sheet of colored paper that is about 15 inches wide and 5 inches tall. This is an ideal size for children to make a bunny and will help it stand up.

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